Birthdate : January 24, 19xx (did you really think I'd tell you how old I was?!)

Birthplace : Czech Republic

Marital Status : Married Gord Head on July 1, 1996

Dependents : Charlie, Bean and Bubbles (our Sheepadoodles). They are so much fun and bring me so much joy! And, yes ... I am a crazy dog mom! :)

I have been very lucky to find a career that I enjoy immensely. I thrive on the challenge, meticulousness and creativity of research. I take great pleasure in interacting with students. It is very rewarding to broaden the understanding and interests among students and I also learn a great deal from them. Additionally, I have appreciated learning more about the university and leading new initiatives through my administrative roles.

The research, teaching and service components of my job are well complimented with links to industry. In a School of Business, I believe this is especially important. I enjoy maintaining strong links with industry through various speaking and consulting opportunities. I strive to ensure my research has practical implications, bring ‘real world’ examples and cases into the classroom, and make sure the programs and strategic initiatives of the School are in demand by industry employers and partners.

Quite simply, I can not imagine a job more perfectly suited for me!

Outside of my job, my interests are varied. I enjoy playing golf ... good thing, since I am married to a golf pro! I like staying active and enjoy long brisk walks with my fur babies and reading a good book while on an elliptical machine. I also enjoy scuba diving. Preferably somewhere tropical. And I love taking fun pictures of my three favourite furry subjects. :)


Charlie and Bean